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Overview ˘ General Student Information

Student - Manners

  • Be friendly and polite.

  • Be punctual, clean and neatly dressed.

  • Stop and listen to all PA announcements.

  • Return library books on time! Someone else may need them.

  • Bring note to Class Teacher for absence, illness, appointments, etc.

  • If you fail to do your duties or keep appointments, explain or apologise.


Students – Care of Self

  • Remember the simple rules of road safety.

  • Cross highways by the overpass and Kaoota Road by the marked crossing across the school driveway.

  • If injured or sick, report to Administration to see the First Aid Officer.

  • Never go home early without reporting to the office and signing out.

  • ONLY go to the sick room with permission. Report to office when leaving.

  • Are you getting 9 - 10 hours sleep? Start your homework early.


Students - Care of the School

  • Leave no litter - use rubbish tins.

  • No short cuts - mind the gardens.

  • Care for furniture and equipment. Report any breakages.

  • Keep rooms tidy, whiteboards clean, etc.

  • Put your chair under the desk as you leave the room.


Students - Lunch

  • Eat only in suitable places - never during lessons or in corridors or entrances.

  • No eating food or drinks inside the buildings. Chewing gum is banned.

  • Listen carefully to announcements about lunchtime meetings. Find where notices are shown.

  • Wet day? Get your lunch; eat it in the rooms allocated; don't wander.

  • Cold and showery? Listen for instructions. If you go out- stay out!


Lunch and Recess


Students dismissed from class go to their lockers, move outside and remain outside until the bell rings.  After recess or lunch the bell will ring, students move to their lockers and then promptly move to class. Students are not permitted to consume food inside the building on fine days.


An announcement will be made just before recess and lunch to indicate Wet days (stage 2). Another announcement will be made just before lunch to indicate Grey/Cold days (stage 1).  Students may eat in designated rooms when the weather is inclement.


Study rooms may be made available at the discretion of duty teachers.


All buildings are non-student areas at lunchtime.  Exceptions are students who have been requested to see teachers or those involved in supervised activities.  External toilets are to be used. 



Lunch Time Activity in Grounds


Equipment is available from the gym.  Students are encouraged to play cricket, tennis, handball, etc, rather than engage in silly unstructured, potentially dangerous physical contact games.  Consult your House Captain regarding establishment of a roster for such games as non stop cricket.



Staff Versus Student Contests


It is hoped that these can be organised on a regular basis.  Consult the Student Representative Council if you wish to sponsor a contest.



Use Of Gym In Lunch Hours


Students may use the gym during the lunch hours, provided they obey the following rules:-

  • No eating in gym

  • No school shoes to be worn in gym

  • Sensible behaviour at all times while in the gym

  • You may only come into the gym in first 20 minutes of the lunch time.  If you leave you do not come back in that lunch hour.

  • There will be GIRLS ONLY days allocated.

One staff member will be allocated for duty in the gym each day.



Sports Equipment During The Lunch Time


Sports equipment is available from the gym each lunch time but it must be collected at the start of the lunch hour and returned promptly at the end of the lunch time.

If you take it out - you return it!



Mobile Phones & Personal Stereos


Students must leave mobile phones and personal stereos in their lockers or at the office.  Should these items be found in class they will be confiscated for collection at the end of the day and a lunchtime detention given.  A second instance will result in an after school detention and the phone/stereo will need to be collected by a parent.


The school cannot accept responsibility for the safety of mobile phones and personal stereos when brought to school.



Locker System - Advice to Students

  • Always keep them locked and tidy

  • Locker times: before school, after school, morning recess and lunchtime

  • Every student will be issued with a locker and a combination lock on payment of the annual $10 per student hire fee

  • Lost combination lock – a fee of $15 will be charged if a lock is misplaced

  • Do Not interfere with other lockers

  • Do Not share your combination with anyone else


Property - Safeguards      

  • Mark everything - stationery, pencil case, calculator, school bag, clothes.  Students are responsible for their own property.

  • Leave nothing behind in desks, bags or coats.

  • Keep bags in lockers.

  • Lost or found something? Report it to your Class/Subject Teacher at once or take it to the front office.

  • If you have to bring valuables to school (including large sums of money), give them to your Class Teacher or hand them to the office for safekeeping.

  • The school cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items.


Out of Bounds


A reminder that car parks and the area near the lawn and flagpole west of B Block are "out of bounds".

The area in front of the school parallel to the highway is out of bounds.

The area beyond the end of the tennis courts and top oval is out of bounds.

Pupils may go to lockers before school, at the beginning and at the end of recess and lunch time.

Students should not go to lockers at other times.



Bikes, Skateboards, Roller Blades and Scooters


1. Bikes


Students who wish to ride bicycles to school must wear helmets to and from school.  Bikes must also be chained to the bike railing outside the main office. 


To ensure the security of students’ bicycles written permission must be obtained to be in this area at recess or lunchtime.


2. Skateboards, Roller Blades and Scooters


Students are discouraged from bringing these to school.  Should this be necessary, students are expected to store these in their lockers or at the front office for safekeeping.


3. Use in School Grounds


Students riding bikes to and from the school must ride with all care and exercise extreme caution within the grounds.  Students must not ride bikes on pathways within the school. 


Students must not ride skateboards, scooters or rollerblades within the school grounds unless this is part of an organised and supervised activity.



Outside School Behaviour


Students in school uniform “off campus” such as at Eastlands, on buses, school excursions or after school are expected to uphold exemplary manners and conduct.  Failure to meet this expectation will bring the school into disrepute.  Serious consequences may follow for any breach of this requirement.