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Harmony Day

Hobart City Council held its first Harmony Day celebration in 2001. This has become an annual event with many of the more recently arrived cultural groups participating in musical and dance events.

This year many schools attended the event which was held in Elizabeth Street Mall. It was very exciting to listen to two Rose Bay High students relate what Harmony Day means to them.

Nelly Iduteyiteka, formerly of Burundi, arrived in Tasmania in 2006 with no English.  Through the assistance of the community, Nelly and her family have made Hobart their home.  Nelly thinks that life would be very boring if we all looked the same and spoke the same language. 


Alex Arabzadeh arrived in Tasmania only 15 months ago from Iran.  His mother and her four sons love living in Hobart because it is peaceful and people from all over the world live here in harmony.



Health Matters

The Rose Bay High School Health Matters group have been organising a short film about health related issues in the past few months. The project started early last year, and on Friday the 27th and Wednesday the 31st of March this year, we finally filmed the scenes to video.


We still need to edit it and put it all together but we are making good progress. We hope you enjoy the film when we unveil it.